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Code of Conduct

Our Mission

The mission of the Waukesha Blazers Select Baseball & Fastpitch Organization is to offer the opportunity to play softball and baseball to as many kids as possible while teaching good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect.  We do this through our fee structure, our partnership with the city, and excellent volunteers. This is a community organization dedicated to serve the community.


Waukesha Blazer’s Select Baseball & Fastpitch Code of Conduct

Ensuring a Positive and Supportive Environment for All

The Waukesha Blazers Select Baseball & Fastpitch Organization believes in fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere for our youth players. Our Code of Conduct outlines the proper roles and responsibilities for parents/guardians, managers/coaches, players, and other fans/guests within our organization. By adhering to these guidelines, we can create an enjoyable and enriching experience for everyone involved.

The Waukesha Blazers Board of Directors has instituted the following Code of Conduct for parents/guardians and their guests, managers/coaches, and players. Managers/coaches, board members, players, and parents/guardians must all agree to the code of conduct with the hope that it will strengthen our organization and maintain a positive environment for all participants. We want the Blazers to be a well-respected organization and to provide positive experiences whenever anyone comes in contact with our organization.

By checking the Acknowledgement Box as a parent or guardian of the player who is participating in the Waukesha Blazer’s Select Baseball and/or Fastpitch, I understand and agree that myself, my child, and my guests are bound by the rules of player and spectator participation. I also understand that this is a Zero-Tolerance Policy and violating the code of conduct will be subject to discipline by the Board of Directors.


Section 1: Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

Supporting Your Child and Promoting Good Sportsmanship

As a Waukesha Blazers Parent/Guardian, you play a crucial role in nurturing our community's youth and promoting sportsmanship. You are required to follow these guidelines to ensure a positive experience for all:

1.      Demonstrate good sportsmanship by providing positive support at all times.

2.      Remember that children play for fun, and the game is for youth, not adults.

3.      Refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct, such as booing, taunting, or using profane language.

4.      As the parent or guardian, you are responsible for all family members, friends, fans, and guests that attend games and practices. They must abide by the same rules as the parents/guardians.

5.      Teach your child(ren) that effort and personal growth matter more than winning.

6.      Respect the officials and their authority during games. Engaging with officials is not allowed.

7.      Parents/Guardians, guests, or fans engaging negatively with coaches, officials, or other parents/players will not be tolerated.

8.      Refrain from coaching your child(ren) or other players during games and practices. It will only confuse the kids on who to listen to.

9.      The dugout is part of the playing field. Refrain from going in without the permission of the coach.

10.  Allow coaches to coach – Do not approach them before, during, or immediately after the game.

    1. If there is a question, please abide by the 24 hour rule before talking to the coach. When parents/guardians respect the 24 hour rule, their concerns are MORE likely to be fully addressed in a reasonable discussion. More importantly, the kids’ enjoyment of a game won’t be marred by an ill-timed confrontation. The intent of this rule is to move an emotional and confrontational discussion away from the presence of the players, and to allow the parties to ‘cool off’, compose themselves, and put the incident or situation that occurred in the game in perspective before meeting to discuss it.
    2. Always follow proper chain of command if a concern requires escalation – Head Coach --> Vice President --> President
    3. Never discuss other players when addressing a concern

Coaching from the Stands
 – During the game, parents/guardians are respectfully asked to maintain a good distance from the dugout. Parents/Guardians are not to contact their player or enter the dugout during game activities. We have a great group of dedicated coaches in our organization that volunteer hours of their time to coach their team. Many hours are ones you don't see as they spend a lot of time outside of practice and games on the team. Baseball and fastpitch are games of skill AND strategy which often require coaching decisions that you may not always understand in the moment. Parents/Guardians, guests and fans in the stands are there to positively reinforce the team and cheer for their players. Yelling instructions during at-bats or plays causes confusion for our players and will lead to errors. The coaches should be the ONLY ones talking to the players with instruction during games and/or practices. If there is a concern, please address it with your head coach. Refer to the 24hr rule above. Any verbal or physical abuse of a coach, player or official will not be tolerated and will be investigated for Code of Conduct violation resulting in consequences deemed appropriate at the judgment of the President, Vice President, and Waukesha Blazers Board of Directors.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in disciplinary actions, including verbal or written warnings, suspensions, or removal from organization activities. The Waukesha Blazers Board of Directors has the sole authority to determine appropriate disciplinary measures.

Section 2: Manager/Coach Code of Conduct

Setting a Positive Example and Fostering a Supportive Environment

As a Waukesha Blazer Manager/Coach, you serve as a role model for the players and the community. The primary focus for our coaches is the well-being and development of players, teamwork, sportsmanship, respect for coaches, officials, and teammates, and fundamental/competitive play. As coaches, we will ensure that all criticism that is offered will be constructive and balanced with compliments. All players will be treated respectfully, fairly and equitably within the rules. We recognize that select baseball and fastpitch is a big financial and time commitment for families, so keeping the parents/guardians as up to date as possible will ensure that the whole team is moving in the correct direction. We require you to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

1.      Prioritize the emotional and physical well-being of players over winning.

2.      Treat each player as an individual, considering their unique developmental needs.

3.      Ensure a safe playing environment for all players.

4.      Organize engaging and challenging practices for all players.

5.      Exhibit fair play and sportsmanship and instill these values in players.

6.      Teach the rules of the game to players, officials, and parents/guardians.

7.      Remember that you are a youth sports coach, and the game is for children, not adults.

8.      Refrain from abusing coaches, umpires, parents/guardians, or players.

9.      Promote fun, fairness, and sportsmanship over winning.

10.  Avoid using profanity or offensive language.

11.  Encourage respect among players, teammates, coaches, officials, and parents/guardians.

12.  Foster a team atmosphere, emphasizing collaboration over individual achievements.

13.  Abide by league policies and rules.

14.  Coaches who are ejected from a game will be referred to the Waukesha Blazers Board of Directors for possible removal from the organization. They must leave the facility at the time of ejection.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in disciplinary actions, including warnings, suspensions, or removal from organization activities. The Waukesha Blazers Board of Directors has the sole authority to determine appropriate disciplinary measures.

Section 3: Player Code of Conduct

Embracing Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, and Sportsmanship

As a Waukesha Blazers player, your responsibilities are simple: Be respectful, responsible, and always do your best. To exhibit good sportsmanship, please follow these guidelines:

1.      Encourage good sportsmanship among fellow players, coaches, officials, and parents/guardians.

2.      Be a team player, supporting your teammates.

3.      Attend practices and games punctually, notifying coaches if you cannot.

4.      Strive to improve your skills through hard work.

5.      Listen respectfully, follow directions, and learn from your coaches.

6.      Congratulate the opposing team after games to demonstrate sportsmanship.

7.      Refrain from using violence, unfriendly language, or insults towards others.

8.      No bullying of any kind including in person and on social media.

9.      Be gracious in both victory and defeat.

10.  Follow the rules of the game and work for the good of the team.

11.  Accept officials' decisions with grace, refraining from challenging or questioning calls.

12.  Conduct yourself with honor and dignity at all times.

13.  Applaud the efforts of both your teammates and opponents.

14.  Players are responsible for having a clean and complete uniform at the start of every game.

15.  Players are responsible for their own equipment – gloves, bats, batting helmets, batting gloves, cleats, water bottles, etc.

16.  Players must respect all equipment – personal and team items.

17.  Physical outbursts are unacceptable and will be dealt with using zero-tolerance policy.

18.  Poor body language after a play or situation doesn’t go your way has no place on the team. Doing your best to maintain a positive attitude and continuing to compete will be expected of all players.

19.  If a player is ejected from a game, they will be disqualified to play in the next game. The ejected player will be required to sit on the bench in uniform during the suspension. In case of a second offense the player will be disqualified from playing and attending the games for a year.

Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in disciplinary actions, including warnings, suspensions, or expulsion from the organization. The Waukesha Blazers Board of Directors has the sole authority to determine appropriate disciplinary measures.

Enforcement of the Code of Conduct

As outlined above, any violation of the aforementioned items will be enforced in any of the following ways:

1.      A formal warning may be issued and documented

2.      A suspension from participation

3.      An expulsion from the Waukesha Blazers Select Baseball & Fastpitch Organization


The goal of the Waukesha Blazers Select Baseball & Fastpitch Organization is to create a supportive and positive environment that encourages the growth and development of all participants. By adhering to our Code of Conduct for parents/guardians, managers/coaches, and players, we can ensure a fun, fair, and enriching experience for everyone involved. Thank you for your commitment to maintaining the highest standards of sportsmanship and integrity within our organization.


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